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Content Warning for “Das Wundern des jungen Ulysses” screened at Pornfilmfestival Berlin

Filmplakat - Das Wundern des jungen Ulysses
Filmplakat - Das Wundern des jungen Ulysses

Today we want to issue a content warning concerning one film that is screening in the category “Experimental Porn Shorts” at Pornfilmfestival Berlin. The film at issue is called “Das Wundern des jungen Ulysses”, directed by René Wiesner. The next screenings will take place on Saturday, 26 November 2019 and on Monday, 28 November 2019.

The content warning concerns sexual child abuse, material depicting sexual child abuse, self harm and suicide.

A person from our team approached PFF after having been to the screening on Wednesday, 23 November 2019 themself and asked them to issue a trigger warning before screening the film the next time, to which they didn’t respond.

Feel free to spread this content warning, so that people won’t be forced to watch this film amongst a collection of porn shorts.

Content warning for the next two paragraphs: description of the film.

To be clear: the director of the film apparently visited an apartment in which a victim of child abuse first harmed and then killed themself. The whole film consists of the camera exploring the apartment that is full of bloodstains, a bloody knife and painted pictures of naked children, as well as comics depicting sexual child abuse. All this is shown without any commentary, in a voyeuristic manner.

To be clearer: This film is reproducing and showing material depicting sexual child abuse. It is shown amongst porn shorts, in a porn category, on a porn festival that is deemed alternative and feminist. We still have no words on how devastated we are.

End of content warning

Edit: Pornfilmfestival Berlin responded to our team member after we published this article on Instagram and on Facebook. They didn’t give a statement about what actions they were going to take until after the festival ended and our team member continuously asked them to answer. Apparently they took the film out of the program because the director couldn’t be there for the screenings to come.


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